Category of Stakeholder


Rural and urban poor

Poor people of rural and urban areas.

Ultra poor and their family

Have no regular income source, suffer for food crisis in the year, land holding up to 15 decimal, income of each member of the family is less than 1 dollar per day, women headed, disable, elderly, regular sickness etc families that are unable to do physical work, professional beggar, day labourer, landless farmers and dependents etc.

Lower middle class entrepreneur

Persons who are involved with micro enterprise.


Children from poor and ultra poor family who do not meet their basic needs and do not enjoy basic rights.

Community people

Different level of community people irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

Government Departments and Offices

Relevant with organizations activity and local government


Local, National and International NGOs and CBOs


National and International Donors

Media People

Journalist of electronic and print medias